"Our house was in flames. We were lucky to get out alive, and I stood there in the cold, dark night with nothing but the clothes on my back."


Do you fear being vulnerable and unprepared when a crisis happens?

A well-equipped emergency kit can give you the confidence and empowerment you need, but only if it's the right kit for YOU!  


A kit that is too heavy, outdated, or contains unfamiliar gear and supplies is no help at all!

Do you KNOW you should have supplies in case of the unthinkable, but keep procrastinating on getting an emergency kit pulled together?


Don't wonder or worry about what you should have ready "just in case."

Learn how to keep your emergency supplies handy and organized -- and not a chaotic mess!
When an emergency hits, you'll have just what you need, where you need it!
In this 5-day Bootcamp Challenge, you'll learn:
  • How to pack a customized kit that fits your budget -- even if you're a total beginner!
  • How to keep that kit as lightweight as possible.
  • How to analyze your personal needs so your kit suits YOU.
  • Tips for stocking your kit with finds from thrift and dollar stores.
  • The 6 category system that will help you analyze everything in your kit and toss what you don't need.
  • Reshape your survival mindset -- it's not so much what you HAVE as whether or not your BRAIN is ready to survive!




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